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How Can I Help?

Do you feel like you are struggling with your your body image or diet?

Convinced you have tried everything but nothing has worked?

Now lack confidence that you will ever reach your goals?

I get it! I completely and totally understand it, because I have also taken that journey.

That was until I found a way that worked for me, and since then has worked for a large number of women who I have worked with as well.

Even better I have also changed the way I see myself, I have total body confidence and I can approach issues I find that crop up. Now I am helping ladies who are going through similar things to me overcome their issues through my coaching programmes.

Feel unhappy in your own skin?

Feel like you have tried every diet and nothing works?

Feel you are holding yourself back from really living your life?

Fed up with not wanting to be in photos?

Want to improve your body image?

Feel that there MUST be another way?


About Me

I believe you hold the key to your own success. I am merely the catalyst to that change, holding you accountable and making it FUN along the way!

If you are READY to transform your life, your health and your body, why not drop me an email. I would love to be part of your journey to better health!

Find out more about me, my background and approach to health and fitness in my About section.

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The best thing about working with Claire is that she is honest, positive and gives you workable, realistic advice based on her knowledge, experience and your lifestyle.



Getting freedom from the fitness tracker!

In lockdown we have been having daily family meals together, much to the horror of my 13 year old. He asks in a good natured way (tough for a moody-swinging teen) “How everyone’s day been?” and then one of my 8 year olds asks “How many steps we have all done?”. With the exception of…
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